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Our certified, Amsterdam-based team delivers professional data analytics and visualization projects in MS Power BI, MS Excel and VBA.

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Djeeni is a no-fuss, easy to use process automation tool that sets you free from your everyday reporting challenges and MS Excel struggles.

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Our Mission

If you’d like to make better use of your data by setting up a reporting system, building dashboards or speeding up your financial close, budget and forecasting process, you’re at the right place. We’re certified Data Professionals, helping multinationals and middle-sized companies in and around of Amsterdam.

Our team delivers automation and BI projects (MS Excel, PowerBI, QlikView, Tableau) and develops Djeeni, a product for turning lengthy data preparation into a matter of seconds. We’re a team of certified data experts with all the skills you need for your data project to succeed: data analysis and visualizing, data engineering, data science.

Our roots are in Finance (FP&A: Financial Planning, Analysis, Reporting, Visualization) and IT (management consulting). We’re expanding and open for new projects and especially excited about Medical, Pharma and Biotechnology. Our tools are PowerBI, Excel (VBA: programming), QlikView, Tableau.


Tel.: +31 6 38904455

WeWork Strawinskylaan
Strawinskylaan 4117
4th Floor Atrium North Tower
1077 ZX Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Djeeni is a Microsoft Partner.

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