Transform MS Office

business data

automagically fast

Spend more time analyzing,  less time on copy-paste

No more copy-paste. Just reporting.

Transforming system data to business reports quite often contains a lot of low value-add and boring manual tasks. This is especially true in Financial Analysis, Controlling and Accounting.

Djeeni is a cloud-based platform that automates these boring tasks by turning the manual processes into a series of straightforward automated steps. It’s like building with LEGO blocks or using the tools of a Swiss army knife.

Take Djeeni automation with you to make your life around MS Office data easier.

Djeeni likes to do what you don't

Consolidating, splitting, transforming, cleaning and copy-pasting data is what Djeeni finds the best work on Earth. We bet you are happy to leave these tasks for Djeeni so that you can do your high value-add analysis work.

0% IT - 100% Finance

Djeeni comes with a number of templates to cover the typical scenarios making it even easier to describe your process.


Djeeni does not involve any programming. 


Each process in Djeeni is both self-documented and visualized. Furthermore, each execution of a process is logged providing an audit trail for compliance.

“Djeeni is a fantastic tool that saves me a long 10-hour workday every month during month-end close. It makes manual tinkering with data in Excel obsolete as it automates those boring and error-prone copy-paste data preparation steps of creating my monthly reports. 


I’d recommend it to any financial team who struggles to make deadlines without overtime during peak data-crunching and report-creating periods.”

Kinga K.

Operational Controller Manager

Djeeni is the perfect tool

for MS Office users 

who want to spend their time

more wisely than copy-pasting