Welcome aboard!

Thank you for registering for the online DAX course by DJEENI.

Your journey began when you have found a parchment with a map of an island and a secret code:


This is how your journey will progress:

  • You will visit more than 20 islands.
  • Once you reach an island by entering its name on the Map page (you will be directed to it below), a Power BI file is downloaded to your computer.
  • Open the file in the Power BI Desktop app
  • Follow the instructions for 4-6 DAX exercises on each island (more than 100 altogether)
  • If all exercises are correctly solved, you will uncover the secret code to the next island
  • Enter this secret code on the Map page. If the code is correct, the Map will show the next island.
  • Enter the name of the next island on the Map page to download its exercises i.e., the next Power BI file.
  • Enjoy discovery and learning!

A pirate ship has been set up to find the island on the parchment – you are the captain. Start your hunt to find all islands and the treasure at the end.

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