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DJEENI improves business insights for companies with its custom Growth Rate Chart visual. It addresses a popular need: comparing bar chart values to see actual growth in given time periods. It has the following basic features for free of charge:

  • The complete basic functionality of the built-in combo chart visual: you can have two data sets; one is displayed as a bar chart and the other as a line
  • On top of it, selection of several bar chart pairs and displaying the absolute difference between each pair (growth rate)
  • Adjusting the size, colour, and position of the basic chart elements

For a one time fee of €39.99  you can activate the following premium features:

  • Displaying also percentage value difference next to absolute
  • Hiding the Category Selection Menu
  • Size and colour of the growth rate lines
  • Size, colour and background colour of the growth ellipses that contain the values
  • Colour of the growth rate values
  • Different customization options (colour, size, units, decimals and position) for bars and line data labels
Premium features’ activation must be renewed free of charge every 90 days with the following conditions:
  • During the 90 days active period you can use the premium features and modify their settings
  • Between 91-365 days after the last activation, you can use the premium features but cannot modify their settings. The activation period of the premium features can be extended (another 90 days free of charge) by filling out the below form.
  • If the activation is not extended within 365 days then the premium features are inactivated and all settings are reversed to its default value. The premium features need to be activated for the first time again.

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