Growth Rate Chart – MS Power BI Custom Visual by Djeeni – Features

DJEENI improves business insights for companies with its MS Power BI custom Growth Rate Chart visual (download here: It addresses a popular need: comparing bar chart values to see actual growth in given time periods. For free of charge you can get the following basic features:

  • The complete basic functionality of the built-in combo chart visual: you can have two data sets; one is displayed as a bar chart and the other as a line
  • On top of it, selection of several bar chart pairs is allowed having displayed the absolute difference (growth rate) between each pair 
  • Adjusting size, colour and position of the basic chart elements
Additionally you can activate the premium features
  • formatting size, colour, position of the growth rate elements of the visual; 
  • letting the viewers of the visual to real-time select bars to compare; and 
  • using percentage growth rate values. 

You can obtain an activation key here.

This is how the Growth Rate Chart visual looks (an illustration containing also premium features):

And this is how you can use it (containing premium features):

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