Get your personal data processing automation tool.
Get your Djeeni.

The Djeeni platform enables you to automate all your MS Excel data processing:

  • without coding; just by visually explaining the steps of your process;
  • within MS Excel: requires no installation, configuration or IT support, plus your data stays at you;
  • with easy-to-use documentation and a lot of examples, so that any MS Excel user can also easily make use of Djeeni’s help.
What do you think?
MS Excel is part of data processing
Agreed Not for years
MS Excel brings a lot of unpleasant automatable manual work
Agreed I am a macro wizard
Data owners should really own their automated processes
Agreed IT should control data

These people are happy to use process automation in Djeeni

  • Meet Ann, the Accountant
  • Meet Finn, the Financial Analyst
  • Meet Connie, the Controller
  • Meet Peter, the Project Management Officer

This is how you get process automation from Djeeni

  • No coding. Just tell your process to Djeeni and she is happy to do it for you.¬†Automated, error-free, wherever and whenever you need.
  • Not nosy. Your data is yours and will not be moved anywhere for processing.
  • No installation, no configuration, no IT. Start this morning, have your first automated process by end of business day.
Process Automation in MS Excel

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