Automated data processing

So, this is the story: You work with several data sources. From internal systems through data export; from colleagues through the file system; or from external parties in emails: you get one or more MS Excel/CSV workbooks. Your task is

  • to create a report from this data by combining the data from these workbooks; or
  • process the data and create one or more other Excel/CSV output workbooks/worksheets.

If you are not disturbed and there are no errors made during the report creation (and also the input is error-free) then you can finish in a few hours. It’s a pity though that you have to do it every month or every week – you cannot expand to make more detailed reports or other reports (it would cost even more time) and you do not really have time to analyze the results… And then you say: enough is enough it should go much faster and easier. So you consider three choices:

  • hire a junior colleague: Costs (even parttime) tens of thousands a year. Your process is still prone to human error, your colleague goes for vacation, becomes sick; or just leaves for a better job than manually crunching data in Excel.
  • implement a complex BI solution: Costs again tens of thousands of euros per year. You need IT knowledge to manage the system and you have a steep learning curve. Only for a few reports?
  • use a personal data processing tool like Djeeni that automates your data preparation and reporting processes combining the positive and eliminating the negative aspects of the other options. Read further to understand how.

Tell Djeeni your process and she does it for you

Djeeni works as your assistant. You can tell her what is to be done in the data preparation or reporting process just like you would tell it to  your colleague. Using worksheets from the source workbooks, creating new target workbooks and worksheets, filtering, copying, calculating, reordering, unpivoting, checking, correcting, communicating etc. – Djeeni understands all of these steps. And by the time you finish explaining your process, Djeeni is ready to make it for you. Automated, error-free, wherever and whenever you need.

Djeeni is not curious

Most BI solutions transfer your data to the cloud or to an external server to process. Djeeni does not. She processes your data on your machine or local network, and on behalf of you. No privacy or security questions. 

Djeeni is your friend, not of the IT guy

Unlike other BI solutions, Djeeni does not require any installation – the user interface is completely embedded in MS Excel. Furthermore, you are not required to learn any programming to be able to automate your processes. Djeeni uses well-known MS Excel concepts extended with exactly three powerful features that you can learn within hours. That’s it. You get Djeeni at the beginning of a workday and the same afternoon you can automate your first processes. Not fast enough? Look for our knowledge center for complete solutions, examples, best practices to get your results within an hour. 

What can Djeeni do for you? Check the demo videos below!

The demos below are but simple examples of the Djeeni capabilities. Djeeni processes can be customized
to deal with more complex transformations, by breaking them up into simpler sub-processes, just like LEGO blocks. Once you create such process your previous 4 hour of manual Excel work can shrink to a 1-2 minutes task easily.

  1. Split data from a workbook into multiple files by column values.


  1. Reorder columns on a worksheet.
  1. Consolidate data from multiple workbooks into one.

Should we say more?

No matter how convincing it is you can still have questions, comments. We are happy to hear them. Please fill in this form and we will respond ASAP.

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