The Definitions Block

As we discussed on the previous page, the to-be-automated process can be split into blocks that fill cells or ranges on some target worksheets (or other target formats) using data from source worksheets (or other sources). Djeeni lets you define these data targets and sources together with some process level settings at the beginning of the process. This section of the process is the definition block and can contain (choose each of them as needed):

The basic data sources for manual work are Excel worksheets or CSV files. Please set the number of worksheets/CSV files that your process uses as source. If you use several worksheets from a workbook, count each of them one by one. Provide only the number of fixed, single worksheets/files. Later you can define loops to process multiple worksheets/files dynamically.
Also, the basic data targets for manual work are Excel worksheets. Please set the number of worksheets that your process creates or modifies as target. Provide only the number of fixed, single worksheets. Later you can define loops to modify/create multiple worksheets dynamically.
Frequently, manual Excel processes use exports from SQL-based systems as sources. Djeeni helps you to get data directly from these systems, saving the export step. If you choose this option then deduct the export worksheets/files from the source count above.
Most of the time the used files are in several related folders (e.g. in subfolders of a root folder). It is handy to define a 'base' (or 'root') folder and use it as prefix for defining the locations of the files. Please choose, if you want to have a base folder.
Processes almost always have some parameters that are changed regularly. Think of year numbers and month names (in file names and calculations); results of previous runs; dates; formula calculation parameters. The easiest way to manage/edit these parameters is to have them on a separate Excel worksheet . Choose if your process needs one.

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