Ready to test?

Congratulations! Your first (or second? or even more?) process is built. Only the decorations left.

Decorations? Probably you noticed that we haven’t asked for any actual file location, worksheet name, or cell information. In the end, this is your personal, probably confidential data. Public internet and the cloud is not the place where you want to provide such information. Safety first!

So, you have your process, and you can finalize it on your own computer – in MS Excel itself! Our MS Excel based platform, Djeeni, can help you finalize and also execute your process – locally, without any installation or configuration. Trying out is completely free and you never have to share any data with us.

If you already have a DJEENI account (with or without the Djeeni platform), then fill out your email and password and click on Save the process. NB: The process will be saved in the current Djeeni client version format. If you have an older version of the Djeeni client then you may consider downloading the current version.

If you have no DJEENI account yet, then click here.

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