Step by step, block by block

Welcome! Automating processes in Djeeni has only one prerequisite: you know your process i.e., what you do manually. Manual work is always a series of simple actions; in our case: opening a workbook; filtering a worksheet; copying selected data from one worksheet to another; perform calculations; getting and sending workbooks via email; etc. These simple actions we call steps in Djeeni. To build a process from steps in Djeeni is like building a complete house in Lego from simple pieces – it takes easily 20, 50 or 100 pieces, but building is really straightforward. Look at some process pieces/steps that we have:

So, steps are the elementary pieces but we can look at a process also at a higher level. Each and every process has the goal to use some data sources and create some targets (reports; lists; further inputs for other processes) by performing a series of steps. The process can be split into blocks: each block is responsible for creating one target. Some examples of blocks: 

  • creating a folder structure for a new bookkeeping period (month/quarter/year); 
  • reuse old targets as new sources after some processing steps; 
  • consolidate data from several workbooks (e.g. reports from subsidiaries; yearly summary of monthly reports); 
  • send out emails with filtered data; 
  • create future entries for cash management

Blocks give an easily manageable structure to the process and Djeeni provides tools to create them.

Now, back to the prerequisite: do you know your process? The best way to answer this question is to take a pen and paper, and write down the steps that you make. You can comfortably edit and rewrite this description the way you want. When you have finished it, you are already at 75% of the automation, so we advise you not to skip this step; spend some time on it for an optimal result. Please, take a pen and paper, and write down the steps you make…

… and this was the last introductory page. Now, let’s go really automate the process that you wrote on your paper… and, to know what we are talking about: please, give your process a title and some description:

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