Privacy Note – MS Power BI Custom Visuals

Date: 24 February 2024

This privacy note describes the special privacy policies in connection with the MS Power BI custom visuals of DJEENI; extending the general privacy policy of DJEENI. In case the two documents contradict, the rules in this privacy note prevail; otherwise both documents in combination are in effect.

Lead management

DJEENI provides the custom visuals through the Microsoft Marketplace. As part of the download process the users of the custom visual share their contact information with DJEENI. The contact information provided is stored in the CRM system of DJEENI and will be used to communicate over the custom visuals of DJEENI.

Growth Rate Chart

This custom visual operates within the strictest, closed operating model of MS Power BI: does not send information in any way to the outside world. Therefore DJEENI cannot and does not access, store or retrieve the data processed by the visual. 

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