Data visualisation: Dashboards and reports

DJEENI delivers business dashboards using data sources such as databases of transactions systems, data warehouses, MS Excel worksheets; and data visualisation tools such as MS Power BI, Tableau, Qlik. We build top-quality dashboards following best practice data guidelines. Our dashboards are clean and readable, yet powerful and focused, providing the best business insights. Check these examples below.

Sales Report - Portfolio

Are you curious how our professional interactive Power BI reports look and feel like? Take a sneak peek of what new Microsoft tool for Business Intelligence reporting is capable of within our standard sales report by clicking on the image above. It is truly interactive, so don’t be afraid to click around the report and discover the potential of Djeeni BI reporting.

Do you want to find out what is happening in the Netherlands and around the globe with the help of our informative and easy-to-understand dashboards? Click on the link above and get the most important information about a topic in seconds, without the need of reading long and tedious articles on the web.

Custom Visual - Custom Territories

Have you always wanted to create custom maps or other visualisations to adopt Power BI reports to your needs? Now you can – with the help of the combination of OKViz custom visual within Power BI and experience at Djeeni, there are no limits to how you want to visualize sales for your custom sales territories or number of products on the shelves of your store. Discover our example for the custom sales territories by clicking on the image above!

The video below shows navigation features in a typical Power BI report made by Djeeni team.

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Power BI – Navigation Features

For reports developed by Djeeni BV.

By clicking on the image above you will find a detailed guide on how to navigate through our reports. They were built to be user friendly, leading them through different levels of data granularity while utilizing the full range of Power BI capabilities.

MS Power BI trainings

DJEENI provides tailored training for any experience level and group size in using Power BI dashboards; developing Power BI dashboards and using DAX. 

Comparing bad and good Power BI report pages

The two Power BI report pages below show examples of a bad and a good page design. On the left page, the report builder made a number of mistakes that can lead to misinterpretations or in the best case makes it difficult for the user to extract the needed information. Those mistakes are including non-relevant visuals, confusing placement and overlapping of the visuals, excessive use of colours, using wrong visuals with incorrect granularity of data, poor choice of slicer format, inconsistencies, etc.

All those mistakes were corrected on the page on the right hand-side, where all the elements are intentionally placed with pixel-perfect alignments in order from the most important and the highest level information to the less important and more detailed visuals. Finally, a well designed page like the one on the right will have a sense of calmness to it, in contrast to the one on the left that leaves the users with the feeling of chaos and frustration.


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