DJEENI Custom Visual Activation

Thank you for activating the premium features of your custom visual, we can confirm your payment. An email is sent to your DJEENI account email containing the activation key and the instructions on how to use it.

In case you have no visual yet, you can download it from here.

While your email is arriving you can check out our other products:

  •  The Djeeni platform: a personal, MS Excel-based, easy-to-use data processing automation toolset. Without any programming, you can automate your manual work in Excel. Create reports instead of hours in a few minutes. Djeeni requires no IT knowledge, no installation, no configuration. Download Djeeni now and enjoy the first results in a day.
  • The gamified DAX course: To build beautiful MS Power BI dashboards you need to know DAX. DJEENI has created a practical online course where you can try out the most important elements of DAX using real data and exercises, including explanations and solutions. While you practice you can enjoy a journey in the Caribbean where -as a pirate- you can find treasures. Lot of knowledge, lot of fun.

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