Growth Rate Combo Chart – Power BI Custom Visual by Djeeni

Good news! Our first Power BI custom visual named Growth Rate Combo Chart has been published to the Microsoft AppSource – official app store for business applications. This means anyone can now import it now directly from within Power BI!

What does the Djeeni Growth Rate Combo Chart do? Watch the presentation video below and at the bottom of the article you can see the custom visual in action within our demonstration report!

It is in principle a simple combo chart – bar and line chart all in one – with a useful custom functionality added on top. That is the ability to display the percentage differences between the categories within the bar dimension on the x-axis of the visual. The values of those percentage differences are elegantly displayed on top on the visual, so they do not interfere with other chart elements.

It is perfect for presenting the growth rate of a measure in time series or any other business case, where you have to display the differences between two or more consecutive categories.

The Growth Rate Combo Chart AppSource page where you can read more about it and of course download and start using it can be found here.

Below you can check it out yourself by browsing through the pages of our report made solely to showcase the functionalities of the custom visual

Do you have any thoughts on our custom visual? Leave a comment bellow!

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